Frequently Asked Questions

What are ECOTILES and what are they made of?
The ecotiles are a composite material made from carefully selected recycled plastics combined with sand and UV stabilizing pigments and are manufactured through a well-researched proprietary extrusion process to produce highly durable building materials. The roofing tile is our first product and we will be launching other similar construction materials including building blocks in the near future. 

What happens to the tiles when they are exposed to direct sunlight?
Nothing, our patented manufacturing process through temperatures exceeding 220°C ensures that Ecotiles can withstand extreme sunlight. They are suitable for any kind of weather. Furthermore we have done tests in The Netherlands that showed our tiles withstanding exposure to UV light and maintaining its strength over a long duration of time.

Is the water harvested from the roof safe?
Yes, water harvested from the tiles can be used for drinking purposes. In addition to this, the tiles do not allow growth of moulds and therefore the water harvested in the tank is clean for consumption.

Will these tiles break when subjected to heavy loading?
Due to the formula used in the manufacturing process our EcoTiles are very strong. We have videos showing the impact resistance of our tiles on YouTube which you can watch on our channel ( We guarantee zero breakages upon delivery.

Are your products certified?
Our products are certified locally by Kenya Bureau of Standards. Internationally we have the French Agreement certification on all our products and we adhere to very strict quality production.

Do Ecotiles absorb moisture?
No, Eco tiles are non-porous; they posses plastic characteristics, which will not absorb moisture or humidity. Therefore no leakages during rainy seasons.

How many tiles are there in 1sqm & how many ridge caps are in a metre?
There are 9 tiles in 1 square metre and 3 ridge caps in 1 metre. From our experience, it takes 2000 tile and 150 ridge caps to complete a 3 bedroom house.

How can I place an order for roofing tiles?
Simply reach us through our email; or telephone/Whatsapp; +254722114217. You can also check out our social media pages; IG, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube to learn more.